Review of Hack The Box - Breakpoint

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Course Reviewed


This course is online.


There are no course materials that I am aware of, but if there is a site with any information, please let me know.

Class size:

The class size was limited.


The lab environment is open.

Estimated cost:

At the time of this review, the course was open to Enterprise customers with licenses.

About the Course:

"This scenario focuses on a software development startup, who take security seriously."

"They have enlisted your services to perform a red team assessment of their environment. The goal of this challenging lab is to gain a foothold, elevate privileges, establish persistence and move laterally, in order to reach the goal of doamin admin."

My motivation:

This was part of our Enterprise licenses and I was interested in taking it to see the Red Team Operator Level 2 material.

My Review:

One word... OOOOFFF!!!.

For as much as I loved Genesis... the opposite for Breakpoint.

This was pretty hard from the start. And I reached a point early on where I had no clue, and no one to get hints from, so I went and looked at the walkthrough of this lab and read up to the box that I was stuck on. Copy/paste of commands from the walkthrough did not work at all. I was able to pass the section I was stuck on by using other commands, but still....

To me, this is harder than APTLabs. I reached 40% completion and then got really stuck. So I read the walkthrough up to the point I am currently stuck (luckily I am doing this one more or less in order and so I don't get spoilers by finding boxes early in the writeup that I haven't done). Anyway, at the point I was stuck, there were exact commands and instructions on how to finish the section, and after I wrote the commands down, I ran them and none of them work. And the error isn't very helpful. I am pretty sure I know another way to get around the first part, but the second part would take a whole lot of effort to get it to work the way it should.

This is the point where I have thrown in the towel and decided I don't want to continue on in this lab. I don't feel this is a red team level anything class. And with it being much harder and much more frustrating than APTLabs, I just don't want to dedicate the time and effort right now. Maybe I will revist this one later. Maybe.


No comment for now.

The Exam:

There is no exam at the present time, but if you submit all flags and request it, you can get a Certificate of Completion.

My two cents:

I'll keep my two cents for now and use them on other training!

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