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To quote directly from their site:

Founded in 2018, we seek to provide our customers with unparalleled value. Providing cybersecurity assessments across a broad range of disciplines, we bring not only technical expertise but a strong understanding of compliance regulations and risk mitigation that are essential to conducting business in today’s world.

They have several training classes listed on their website from beginner to advanced.

* Introduction to Red Teaming (Beginner) ... Listed as: Coming Soon
* Introduction to Mobile Application Testing (Beginner) ... Listed as: Coming Soon
* Secure Architecture Design for Developers (Beginner) ... Listed as: Coming Soon
* Introduction to Sandbox Evasion and AMSI Bypass (Intermediate)
* Advanced Threat Emulation: Red Teams (Advanced)
* Developing Advanced Evasion Techniques for Windows (Advanced) ... Listed as: Coming Soon

Visit their main page at https://www.bc-security.org/ for more information, or go stright to their training page at https://www.bc-security.org/courses/.

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