Review of Mile2

These are my personal opinions based on my background and training experience.


To quote directly from their site:

Mile2 Cybersecurity Certifications is a world-leader in providing accredited education, training, and certifications for INFOSEC professionals. We strive to deliver the best course ware, the strongest Cyber Range, and the most user-friendly exam system in the market.

Our training courses follow our role-based Certification Roadmap. Plus, many of our classes include hands-on skill development in our Cyber Range. We train students in penetration testing,disaster recovery, incident handling, and network forensics. Additionally, our Information Assurance training certification meets military, government, private sector and institutional specifications.

They appear to have a huge selection of courses and certifications listed on their website, and they list:

- For Beginners
- For Hackers
- For Managers
- For Investigators
- For Auditors
- For Cloud Specialists

Visit their main page at https://www.mile2.com/ for more information.

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