Review of Ringzer0

These are my personal opinions based on my background and training experience.


To quote directly from their site:

Ringzer0 provides advanced, hands-on training designed for cybersecurity professionals. Our instructors are top industry experts who offer technical deep dives into a range of core issues, including vulnerability research, exploitation, malware writing, red teaming and practical attacks.
Each class is laser-focused on a specific topic, to pack in as much learning, hands-on experience and instructor face time as possible. Ringzer0 gets students past the learning curve in a 16 or 32 hour advanced course, using a hybrid live instructor-led and self-paced learning format to fit individual schedules and avoid screen fatigue and "Zoom burnout".

They have several training classes listed on their website:

* Modern Binary Exploitation
* Reverse Engineering with Ghidra
* Advanced Malware Analysis
* The Arm IOT Firmware Laboratory
* Practical Baseband Exploitation
* Bootpwn: Breaking Secure Boot

and more...

Visit their main page at https://www.ringzer0.training/ for more information.

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