Review of Millennium Corporation and k>fivefour courses

These are my personal opinions based on my background and training experience.

Millennium Corporation and k>fivefour courses

NOTE: When I attended the Red Team Apprentice™ Course (RTAC), it was a Millennium Corporation only course as k>fivefour had not been formed yet. The course I attended was taught by two of Millennium Corporation's Red Team operators.

Even though k>fivefour is the company doing the training now, I decided to keep the "Provider" as Millennium Corporation and k>fivefour so that my course review will reflect the RTAC course I took under Millennium Corporation.

Please visit their website, at https://kfivefour.com/, for complete information about them and the course(s) they offer.

From the above site:

"k>fivefour leverages Millennium’s specialized technical expertise serving the DoD Red Team community, where they execute hundreds of cybersecurity assessments for 2 of the 9 National Security Agency (NSA) certified and U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) accredited Full Spectrum Red Teams."

At the time of this review, per the website listed above, under the "Class Offerings" link, classes are held at The Bridge Street, located near Cummings Research Park, in Huntsville, Alabama.

If you would like to find out more about k>fivefour, the services they offer, or the Red Team Apprentice™ Course (RTAC), the Red Team Journeyman™ Course (RTJC) and/or future courses, please contact them at:

info @ kfivefour.com

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